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Sierra Santana

Santana’s mixed heritage lays the groundwork for her unique perspective on the world. With a love of all things creative and the ambition of having a wider range of influence, Sierra stumbled into the world of plus size modeling as a representative of the curly-haired, brown women that were rarely seen in media and advertising. Her acting resume boasts countless viral videos with Buzzfeed, including “Curvy Girl Thoughts When Trying to Dress ‘Professional,’” and modeling clients that include Target, Ford, and Torrid.

Sierra's fearless work and open dialogues about the importance of intersectional feminism, women’s role in the political system and minorities’ representation within the media have led her to be invited all over Los Angeles to speak on how influencers can ignite change. She hopes to bridge the gap between access and opportunity for disenfranchised individuals. Sierra currently resides on the advisory board for Unlock Tomorrow, a nonprofit that uses art and advocacy to empower incarcerated youth to free themselves from the criminal justice system.