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Samantha Dunn

Dunn is the author of "Failing Paris," a finalist for the PEN West Fiction Award in 2000, and the memoirs "Not
By Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life" (Henry Holt & Co.), and "Faith in Carlos Gomez: A Memoir of Salsa,
Sex and Salvation." Samantha’s work is anthologized in a number of places, including the short story
anthology, "Women on the Edge: Writing from Los Angeles." Other recent collections showcasing her work
include the Seal Press releases "Dancing at the Shame Prom: Sharing the Stories That Kept Us Small" and
"Drinking Diaries: Women Serve Their Stories Straight Up." Samantha’s essays have appeared in numerous
publications including the Los Angeles Times, O (Oprah) Magazine, Ms., and Shape.