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Pasadena, Ca
I'm a writer, and currently finishing a memoir about my life. My book is in the editing stage and is slated for publication the first quarter of 2019. I was a bodyguard to the likes of Farrah Fawcett, Dinah Shore and was stabbed protecting Jerry Garcia. After the incident with Jerry, I entered Chiropractic college and after graduation; I spent eight years Africa working closely with all the African Olympic Track & Field teams. I was the team doctor for the Iraq Soccer team and knew Uday Hussien very well. We watched the US invasion of Kuwait on CNN together in the Cairo Hilton on the Nile.

With my experience in Africa, I was invited to 92 and later 96 Olympics as a team doctor. I was later recruited by Carnegie Mellon as a Biomechanics Optimization Specialist, working with the US army drone program and other DARPA projects. I now own and administrate the only approved cannabis treatment program for injured workers for Chronic Pain, Non-Combat injury related PTSD in CA and NV with five more started coming.
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